A Fable on Creation of Earth.

For some time forget your religious belief and read this fable.

One day the Creator was traveling across galaxies. When going past Milky Way, he notices our solar system and earth. He realizes earth is primed for life. He wanted to create beautiful flora and fauna on earth. He knew earth will look beautiful with them.

Two Commands

Here instead of creating millions of life forms, he decides to create one life form and wanted to automate the life process on earth.

He created the first life on earth and gives it two commands, Evolve and Multiply.

The first life form asks the creator, what happens if he follows only one command. Creator replies if you only evolve and not multiply you will bloom into beautiful life form no doubt, but you will perish one day and the process stops if you only multiply lots of your own species will be there but other millions of creations will not be there. What is the fun in the earth having only one species of life form? Instead, if you follow both, creation becomes a never-ending process. Millions of species will be formed. Some animals will swim, some will fly, some will walk. Life will evolve in innumerable ways.

The first life form tells the creator that he will follow his commands but how he can achieve such a huge task? What tools he has?

Three Boons

Creator immediately gives him three boons. Creation, preservation, and destruction. He tells the life form that, in initial stages, these three energies will be in basic form but along with living creatures these energies too will evolve and the life form will be capable of doing more complicated things.

The life form then evolves and multiplies and here we are today after billions of years of successful evolution.

Our Dharma.

The lesson we need to learn here is whatever we do be it an act or thought it should result in the betterment of our mind or body. That is the only way to evolve. That is what the creator wants us to do. If you have any doubt regarding an eating habit or if you are procrastinating instead of Exercising or any activity, see if it is consistent with the two commands.

Let’s now see how we evolved in the early days, present days, and challenges in the future.

Early days / Diet – in the early days of evolution Diet played a very important role. After learning to control fire early humans started to cook food and dry food, this also resulted in an increase in nutrition availability to many. His brain grew bigger and he started to do more complex things. So eating the right foods which will give us all essential nutrition assumes paramount importance in evolution. So in the past humans found technology (fire) which changed their diet and it played a very crucial role in Evolution 

Present days / Excercise – The biggest challenge we face today is the sedentary lifestyle. This could severely impact our evolutionary process. We need to Excercise to strengthen our bones, to aid the lymphatic system and secretion feel-good hormones. If not for Excercise we will lose all that we gained through evolution over a period of million years in a matter of centuries because of a sedentary lifestyle. So in the present days, humans are using physical Excercise to stay in the path of evolution 

Future / Meditation – We are the only animal on the planet who possess a rational mind. The prefrontal cortex is the seat of this rationality or else we will act only on impulses. The prefrontal cortex is responsible for logic, reasoning will power, creativity decision making, and problem-solving the latest to develop in our evolution process. Today due to the availability of instant gratification example – social media, this very important function could be lost. The only way to preserve this ability and evolve further, we need to Meditate. Although there are many ways of doing meditation, the most common one is Mindfulness meditation, where you keep your focus fixed on thoughts and sensations. Learning and practicing meditation is very critical for the evolution of future generations. In the future people who do meditation will have a significant advantage over others. It will catapult us in Evolution.

Our primary goal is to become a better person and then pass on those genes to our future generations. That is the only thing that we need to do. That is our only dharma. This is what our creator would want from us.

3 Maha Gunas

3 Gunas and it’s important principles

We all know there are three Maha Gunas called: sattva, rajas and tamas. Before going into my blog let’s get a basic understanding of these Gunas.

Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universal-ism, holism, construction, creativity, positivity, peacefulness, and virtue.
Rajas is the quality of passion, activity, neither good nor bad and sometimes either, self-centeredness, egoism, individualization, drivenness, movement, and dynamism.
Tamas is the quality of imbalance, disorder, chaos, anxiety, impurity, destruction, delusion, negativity, dullness or inactivity, apathy, inertia or lethargy, violence, viciousness, and ignorance.

These gunas play a very important role in Hinduism. Understanding these Gunas will help us in deciding our course of action in day to day life.
Let me give you a small example.
Food – If You debate with your friends about food in terms of Vegetarian and non-vegetarian the debate will last forever. Both sides could throw up interesting arguments. Instead, if you debate it in terms of Gunas, it will help you to conclude which is correct. If I eat this particular food What kind of Gunas I will get, the process of preparing the food and eating it all will have to be taken in to account.
Such contemplation can be done for all other activities.

Now let’s dwell deep into these Gunas. I will give you three important characteristics of these Gunas.

1-Extremes look similar.

In a class, a professor gave a lecture. After the lecture, he looks at the students. Now there will be three types of students
1-Students who did not understand anything
2-Students who understood everything and
3-Students who understood partly.
Students who understood partly will ask lots of question. So it is easy to identify them, but it is hard for the professor to differentiate between the first two groups.
This is a good example to drive home the point, extremes look similar.
The same way, sometimes in our life it is difficult for us to differentiate between Saatvik and Tamasic gunas.
Arjuna initially did not want to fight the war. Is this tamas or sattva? Many observers might say no doubt it is tamasik, but from the viewpoint of Arjuna, he could think it is Sathvik. How come non-violence be Tamas? How come not fighting against my kin and kith be tamas?
So at the outset classification of the gunas might sound simple, but they are not. It took Krishna 18 chapters to make Arjuna understand.

The same thing happens in our life too. Sometimes we give some lame excuses. We don’t stand up against injustice, we don’t raise questions, we don’t work hard. The reason might be we are trying to avoid a confrontation(Satvik) or it could be because we are afraid(Tamas).

2-Too much Rajas leads to Tamas.

If asked a question as to which Guna you would choose to have most of your life, many of us would say Rajas. Because we are not Saints or Renunciate to have Saatvik Guna most of the time. Of course, we also know tamas is bad. But what we don’t know is too much of Rajas leads us to Tamas. Like too much food will lead to lethargy, too much success might lead to ego and so on. Your ambition might be to earn money (Rajas) to grow your business, but it might also result in you becoming more self-centred.

3- Tamas leads to Tamas. The most dangerous phase of anyone’s life is when you are deep into tamas. Generally, when you are into tamas we use rajasik activity to come out of it. Problem is due to abuse of substances and psychological problems a person might go deep into tamas and normal rajas activity is not enough to bring him out of it and he goes back to tamasik activity to come of it and the vicious cycle starts. This is where he needs the help of professionals. Meditation, prayer, exercise will be of immense help here. He can also look at other alternate and supporting therapy like Aromatherapy, sound therapy and many more.

We can explain these Gunas with another example of Swimming. Activities of Rajas is like the act of swimming, You need rajas to stay afloat. When you drown(tamas), You try to come out by swimming (rajas), but at the same time, if you swim too fast, You will end up drowning. The trick here is to make sure You don’t swim too hard. The harder you swim the deeper you might drown, making it hard for you to come up.

Instead, if you swim intelligently conserving energy, one day through guru’s wisdom and god’s blessing you will see the shore. If you reach the land safely it is the act of Rajas taking us to saatvik state of reaching the lands. No more drowning.

So first correctly identify the Gunas, avoid tamas, then use Rajas to reach Satvik state.

Sat-Chit-Ananda / Truth-Consciousness-Bliss

Vishwa Roopa Darshan

A different perspective on Vishwa Roopa Darshan

One of the most important event during the epic war Mahabaratha is the Bagavath Gita. Krishna’s discourse to Arjuna. In that the most celebrated one is the Vishwaroopa darshan. The meaning of the Vishwaroopa darshan is well known to us. Today let me try to give you a different perspective on it and a learning from it.

Arjuna and Krishna were very close. Pandavas for a long time knew that Krishna was a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. When the war was about to start both Arjuna and Duryodhana went to Krishna for help. Duryodhana  took Krishna’s army, while Arjuna chooses Krishna himself. He knew Krishna was an avatar. That is why he chose him over his army. When this is the case, why Arjuna dint get to see Vishwaroopa darshan at an earlier stage? Why Krishna did not show his Vishwaroopa to all of the Pandavas? Isn’t belief enough?

We can reason saying Krishna dint show him. This is where I differ or I can say I have a different perspective. I feel it was Arjun who realised the infinite form of Krishna and not Krishna revealing himself and you know why? As mentioned earlier Pandavas and Arjuna knew Krishna was God but when Krishna gave the teachings, it had a tremendous impact on Arjuna. Seeing the wisdom of Krishna, understanding the sukshma of life, Arjunas respect on Krishna rises multifold. This is when he sees the Vishwaroopa darshan. It happens in his mind.

In many ways, our relationship with God is similar to that of Arjuna and Krishna had before the teachings of Bagavath Gita. We know from a very early stage about God. We respect him, workshop him and celebrate him, but this belief alone is not enough. You will be close to him but you will never realise God’s true self. You will never have that Vishwaroopa Darshan.

Instead, if we spend some time to read the scriptures and understand the lessons they give, that is when we also will get to see the Vishwaroopa darshan. Not just Arjuna, everyone of us have the ability to see the Vishwaroopa darshan. We just need to choose his teachings too.

Similarities between Eating food and doing a Yagna.

Yagna is an important social ritual from Vedic times. What I am going to do is compare the process of Yagna with Eating. The intention is to drive home the importance of eating. First, let’s look into the components of Yagna.

  1. there is a vessel
  2. Ritual fire
  3. Oblations offered
  4. Boons earned

During the ritual, Divine Agni is started and in it oblations were offered. The offerings were believed to be carried by Agni to the gods, the gods in return were expected to grant boons and benedictions.

Now compare this with the process of eating. Our abdomen is the vessel, our digestive power / juices are Agni. Food that we eat are the offerings. The energy that we get is the boon.

In Yagna, the most important is the ritual fire. He is the messenger who takes the offering to God. In the process of eating our digestive juices are as important as ritual fire in Yagna. It play an important role. They digest the food and convert them to energy. Our goal should be to increase the digestive power of our intestine. Now how do we do that?

  • Active lifestyle – Sufficient amount of exercise / active lifestyle plays an important role in increasing the metabolism of our body. If you lead an inactive lifestyle it means you are not adding ghee to the Yagna. When there is no ritual fire what is the use of offerings?
  • Non-stop eating – Imagine you have started the ritual fire but you are constantly pouring too much offerings into it without any interval. You will be dousing the ritual fire, isn’t it? Likewise eating too much food and without interval will only result in reducing the capacity of our body to digest and in assimilation of nutrition.
  • Oblations – Yagna is done with great reverence and the offerings are chosen carefully, likewise when we eat it is important to think about what we are eating. Today most of our food has no fibre. They are devoid of prebiotics and probiotics which are very important for the bacterias living in our guts, which  aids our digestion. These bacteria also secrete a hormone called Serotonin. An important feel good hormone. Most packaged foods are full of sugar and has no nutritional value. They are just a burden on our system.
  • Dining out late on weekends is a must these days, but we need to understand that eating when our digestive powers are weak is like offering more when the ritual fire is not there. These only will wreck havoc on our digestive system.

In ancient times our ancestors did not categorise food as vegetarian and non-vegetarian. It was classified as Sathvik, Rajasic and Tamasic. Today most of our food style is Tamasic. We eat to satisfy the desires of our senses rather than to gain energy, heal our body and stay happy. Today because of our food habits we lose energy, damage our body and feel pitiful. The purpose of doing a Yagna is to gain a boon. The purpose of eating is to gain energy. If we are not care full of what we are eating, how much we are eating and when we are eating, then we will end up losing energy rather then gaining it.

Next time when you eat food, do it with great reverence as we are not eating, in fact, we are doing a Yagna.

Meditation is Evil

How Meditation made me an Evil 😃

Like most of you I was leading a normal life. I was a reasonably successful entrepreneur, a caring husband, a loving father, a moral person. All this changed when I started doing Meditation.

I was not consistent with my Meditation practices, so it was not giving me results. I did not lose hope as I knew the mistake was with me. After a long struggle results were starting to show.

Two things were happening, I was becoming aware of my thoughts and bodily sensations. This is where my life started to change. Let’s see how.

When doing a mundane task I started doing it with Japa. Here I became more aware of my thoughts, whenever I realise I was not doing Japa, I was also becoming aware as to what I was thinking. Analysis of my thoughts revealed that most of my thoughts were not constructive. Random thoughts, thoughts linked to my emotion, politics and many more. I realised all these were un productive. How many of it was about my business? Not much. If this is the case how can I call myself a reasonably successful entrepreneur?

Like every husband, I started COVID with a promise that I am going to help my wife in household chores. Yes, I did initially but soon started to find excuses. Did it because of compulsion. Mornings when I used sit alone sans mobile, I used to contemplate on my life and day to day activities only then I realised these facts. If this is the case how can I call myself a caring husband.

Who doesn’t love one’s daughter? They are blessings sent from above. I had once attended a Kundalini meditation retreat by Revered Om Swami. One day when I was trying to discipline my daughter, things went out of hand. I become too angry but suddenly I realised my body sensations. I realised the anger through my body. I was shocked and retreated from the place. If I had so much anger in me, how can I call myself a Loving Father?

I read somewhere, that once Swami Vivekananda said, he realised how terrible his thoughts were only after doing meditation. If Swami Vivekananda was like that, imagine my thoughts. It was terrifying. Not just during meditation in many circumstances I realised my thoughts were not noble. If this is so, how can I call myself a moral/ethical person?

So, my life before learning meditation was amazing 😃. If I did not learn Meditation, Japa or Contemplation. I would be leading a life without guilt.

NOTE-My blog is kind of a Contranym. Hope you understood it. Meditation made me realise my true self, even without doing anything else, I was able to reduce my negative thoughts and emotions. I am at least 10% better. I hope my journey with meditation continues resulting in a better me.

Which is the most scariest story?

Is success worth it?

Which is the most Scariest Story? Anabella, Conjuring, Exorcist?

Wait, I am not going to review about any movies here. This post is about hard work.  Success stories of others are the scariest stories for me. Whenever I hear that Bill gates dint take holidays in his twenties, Sachin practiced hard for 12 hours a day, athletes don’t eat junk foods and so on. The only thought that comes to my mind is, “ Is success worth it”? These stories only made me anxious.

Of course, that is not the case for everyone. Many people are motivated by these stories, right? When I thought about this, I realised that I was looking at the path, a very hard path that is why I was demotivated. Those people who were inspired were looking at the destination. Their eyes and mind were fixed at the destination.

To become triumphant many times we need to do things that we don’t like mundane task. These are crucial to our success. Let me give you an example. We know that fitness is important for our well being but how many of us do it? Isn’t our health a priority? Why do we need somebody to motivate us for it? Now the question is how to go about it.

When this lockdown started, Me and my wife  decided to stop all three maids we had in our house. That was a big step for us. Within days the initial enthusiasm was gone. Work was piling up, Vessel washing, dusting of the house was back breaking. Kitchen sink was like Akshaya Patra, vessels were overflowing. Quarrels started to arise between me and my wife. So I decided to do something before things got out of hand.

I started doing the following things, these learning can be substituted for any job.

1-I began doing japa, when washing plates. It was not easy, but whenever I felt bored and pained, I chanted. I substituted negative thoughts with Japa.

2-Chanting of mantra was never easy while working, but another beautiful thing happened. Whenever I realised that my mind had wandered, I also became aware of my thoughts. I realised that along with negative thoughts, some extremely  useful thoughts came along. It was about work that I had  to do on that day, ideas for blogs and many more. I realised I had the power to choose the thoughts.

3- As I discussed earlier I started to think about the destination. If I can wash few more plates, my wife would be happy. If I could dust the house, I can spare my wife some pain. All that wanted to see was smile in the face of my wife. That encouraged me to do that extra bit. I have not mastered these yet, still, we have the quarrels. But when my wife told me that I have changed a lot and my involvement in the household chores is very helpful. I felt as if I had conquered Himalayas.

Not only for household chores, this technique will help us, in doing that mundane job which we always wanted to do, the job that we kept postponing forever. It could be our fitness program, boring work at office. Meditation and being aware of our thoughts is not new for most of us here. Trained by an enlightened guru these methods will be a child’s play for us. Hereafter success stories of others will not be frightening rather It will be a Spiritual experience.

The friend who did not help me.

20 years back during my college days, something intriguing happened. Lessons learned from which I am following till date. During my 2nd year, I was very depressed. There were many issues which had been plaguing my mind for a while. Being an introvert, I didn’t discuss it with anyone. I was also not ready to discuss family issues with friends. One day, one of my friends asked me, ‘What is the issue’? I said, ‘nothing’. My friend smiled and told me that I looked very disturbed and I can speak to him.

It was a big surprise for me that he observed that I was suffering mentally. Immediately, I started to speak. This is where the learning started. He said,” Wait, let’s walk to the nearby restaurant and we can talk.”.

We went to a restaurant and when I started to talk, he again said, “Wait, let’s order something”. He ordered and I started to pour my heart out. He interrupted me again and placed another order. I knew he was very fond of food, but this was very annoying. I kept talking and he kept ordering food. He seemed to be more interested in food. I starting doubting as to whether he was listening at all. By the time I finished speaking, he hadn’t uttered a single word. I paid the bill and we went back to our homes.

This episode was very confusing for me; I forgot about my problems and started thinking about his behaviour. I couldn’t resist speaking with him again. I enquired as to what he thinks about my problems and what should I do? He looked at me and smiled.

He inquired as to how long had the issue been nagging me? I replied that I had been facing this issue for the past three months. He continued, “So in these three months, you would have thought about this issue many times. You would have also thought about many solutions, weighing pros and cons of each several times. When that is the case, how do you expect me to give a better solution to you within minutes of learning about the issue?”

“For most problems, we all know what is the best solution or, at least, the least damaging path. We don’t act because we are afraid, confused, and sometimes greedy looking for better solutions instead of accepting reality.  All that you need is a friend who would listen to you without judging you. A shoulder to lean on and cry — that is what I offered to you. Now you seem to be in an emotionally better state. I believe you have decided on your course of action by now,” said my friend.

He wished me best of luck and went his way. He was spot on.

Starting that day, if my friends come to me for technical advice, I teach them what I know; but if they come to me for any other advice, I take them to a restaurant and make them pay the bill.

I, ME and Mine. Secret of owning everything in the world.

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Love is not possession but appreciation.

The Problem For many of life is like playing a video game. The moment we finish a level we will be staring at next level. We have this never ending quest for owning more things. We would have spend years to earn and buy our dream car or house, but we don’t spend even days enjoying them. Our mind wants new things. This character of our mind destroys our peace.

When venturing out in the world, we see so many things, beautiful houses, powerful vehicles, latest gadgets and many more. If you appreciates the beauty of those things without trying to own them, life will be peaceful.

Parable – Imagine you are walking in a beautiful garden, you see a flower, you like it very much. Now what you will do? You would try to keep it for yourself, by plucking it, but what if you see more flowers on the way? How many can you pluck? Which flower will you keep? What if the land owner objects to your plucking of his flowers? From experiencing ecstasy by seeing a beautiful flower, due to wanting them, you are experiencing, confusion and disappointment. If you really love the flower you will never pluck it. You would water it.

The Solution – You don’t have to really own a particular thing to appreciate its beauty. It is our primitive brain which is asking us to do it. If we understand this small thing our life will be far happier. It gives us freedom to appreciate the beauty of the world.

Yogi is a person who appreciates the beauty without trying to own it.

Do we really use only 10% of our Brain?

The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around. Thomas Alwa Edison

It has been proven beyond doubt that above notion is a myth. Our body will not be wasting it’s precious energy if the particular part of the body is not functioning. So why am I still writing this blog?

I strongly feel we only use 10% of our brain, not physically but it’s function wise. One of the most important function of our brain is to produce thoughts. Depending on the feedback from five senses it keeps producing thoughts. These thoughts and our reaction to it decides all our actions. The problem is most of our thoughts are negative and repetitive in nature. If one is not aware of his thoughts he will not realise how repetitive his thoughts are. Now you may ask, “ What is wrong in repetitiveness of thoughts, doesn’t it help in solving problems”? The problem lies in our attention span. The moment you turn your head, hear new sound, feel something, there is new feedback to your brain and your brain starts producing new thoughts. So for few moments you would have been thinking about a problem, before a solution is found, new thought would have emerged. Now when you again think about the problem you would be starting from scratch.

For primitive humans who were living in dangerous environments, this process works. They will always be in lookout for danger. Constant Feedback from five senses and analysis of the same were critical. For modern humans we can afford to relax a bit. Our priority will be to stay with a particular problem and find a solution. The question is how to do it?

Our brain uses one trick to make you think for a long stretch of time. Through Emotions and secretion of hormones our brain helps us in thinking about the same thing for a long period of time. This again has a drawback. Emotions are very taxing on us. Fear, anger, Jealousy, Love, all these emotions makes us think for a prolonged period of time. A person in Love will spend long hours to write one poem to impress his love. Fear helps a person to be on vigil till the danger goes away. As I said before these are energy intensive and not good in long run. So we need to think on productive issues for long periods of time without emotions.

Now the question is can we really think for a long duration of time without emotionally heeting attached? If we do this we will solve the dual problem with our brain, repetitiveness and negativity

  • Meditation – One of the biggest advantage an meditator will have over non meditator is, he will be aware of his thoughts. Let me explain you how. When you are meditating on God, Mantra, breath, body sensation or nothingness. You suddenly will realise that you have drifted away from your meditation. This is called as “Aha Moment”. When you start meditating regularly you will get this “Aha moment” during your non meditating times also. You will suddenly become aware of your thoughts and sensations of body. This will help you to understand your thoughts. Slowly and steadily you will control the flow of negative thoughts and will you will be able to stay in a thought.
  • Japa – Repetition of gods name. Many religions recommends Japa. Most religious people do it. What many are not aware of is “Ajapa”, When you do Japa regularly, it becomes Ajapa, meaning it come naturally. When ever you get a negative thought start chanting your favourite mantra (Japa), if you do this consistently when ever you a negative thought you will be starting to chant the mantra automatically (Ajapa). This is the most easiest way to overcome negative thoughts.
  • Help others – Once a saint told that, When you close your eyes do Yoga (meditate on God), When you open your eyes do Yaga (Help others). Being compassionate, showing empathy towards others, Forgiving our enemies, overcoming guilt, loving all living things are very important to heal our inner wounds. A person who has suffered a lot in his life will have more negative thoughts. When we start doing all these our mind will heal, we will start living a happy life.
  • Write down your Work and ideas. Everyday morning write down all the work that you are going to do today. Be clear on when you are going to do and how. When this becomes a habit, your mind will stop worrying. It knows that you have taken care of all that need to be do.

When we become aware of our thoughts, analysing it, over coming negativity, finding solutions easily. Only then we will be using our brain to the fullest extent possible not just 10%. You will not only be successful but also a lot Happier.

Is Anger Good or Bad?

From time immemorial we are trying to answer this question. Today let me try to answer it.

We know that in the modern world, Anger and stress are the biggest killers. We lead a miserable life because of these emotion. Does this mean they are bad? On the other hand anger and all other negative thoughts and emotions like stress, jealousy, procrastination are needed for our survival. We cannot afford to live without them. Does this mean they are good?

Before going in to this we need to understand how our mind works. First our five senses collect data from our environment. This data is stored and analysed with our memory. Then emotions arises and hormones are released. In this process thoughts are produced. Some times you even start playing a role in it and before you even realise several minutes pass by. Most of this happens without us being aware of it.

Now let me give you an example. You are driving to your office. On the way you stop at a signal. The moment you see the signal your brain analyses about this places through memory and it starts giving you relevant data through thoughts. Few days back you might have had an altercation with another person, he was honking a lot even when the signal was red. This thought comes to your mind. Now what happens next is very important. The moment you get the thought about the other driver you start playing a role in your thought. You start thinking what all you should you have done. “I should have given him a stare”, I should have blocked his way, I should have done this and that. Before you realise couple of minutes passes and signal falls green and you move away. This is how we think day in and day out.

Now with this understanding let’s analyse anger and other negative thoughts. When something happens in your life and because of which you get these emotions, then that is fine. In this scenario your negative emotions or energy is trying to save you and they can be called as good.

Some times this whole sequence will be changed, that is instead of something happens, your mind analyses, thoughts and emotions rise and hormones released. Things will happen in reverse order. Due to disease, mal nutrition, poor physical activity, there will lack of good hormones. You will match them with negative thoughts. Now in this scenario then your negative emotions can can be called as bad. You are in way benefited by them, it is actually harming you. How many times you would told your loved ones, “I don’t know why, but I am very tense”. But within minutes you will start thinking about all the bad things that happened in your life.

To further explain this concept let me give 2 examples.

  • You are in a super market standing in the queue, suddenly some body tries to cut in, you get angry, irritated. You confront him. Is it bad? No. It is survival skill. You body is trying to protect you, it is asking you to act.
  • At the same time next day again when you come to this super market, You remember this person you get irritated. This emotion will be there for another few minutes and it could lead you in to taking any rash decision. Now tell me is this Anger correct?

If you analyse all your negative emotion in this manner, you will understand 90% of your negative thoughts are un necessary. You will save a lot of mental energy and when the real problem comes you will be able face them easily.

When your body is angry don’t try to match it with thoughts. Be calm it shall pass.

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